Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve had a chance to check out Part 1 in my series “Getting More From Your Drill Press”. In part 1, I identified a few things that kept me from using my drill press except as a last resort – and I was missing out, because it’s a powerful tool! […]

The drill press is a great tool, but mine was unfairly neglected for too long. During my recent shop move I realized why I wasn’t taking full advantage, or really even partial advantage, of my drill press – it just wasn’t convenient. I had a hard time securing workpieces to it and feeling like I […]

If you’re looking for a way to bring some order to your small spring clamps, consider a strip of slotted angle. These are available at home stores (often used to mount garage door track) for only a few dollars per foot. Screw them to the wall above your bench or assembly table and you have […]

Fairly recently, Rockler released several new products to help bring order to your shop. Their Bench-To-Belt portable pouches come in several flavors, and they are intended to give you task-oriented storage for tools and supplies that can be worn, easily taken from place to place in the shop, or hung on their rail system. The […]

My first miter saw was a 12 inch DeWalt DW716. I initially bought it, along with a DW723 stand, to do some home renovations. This setup served me quite well for a long time, but I had a few complaints. Dust Collection Dust collection was practically non-existent. It had, as most miter saws do, a small […]

Using parallel clamps in your glue-ups for cabinet doors, butcher blocks, drawer boxes, etc. can be very handy, but eventually glue squeeze out starts to interfere with the operation of the clamp. Titebond and similar glues work remarkably well, and that’s the problem – once that glue has dried it can be very difficult to […]

Zero clearance inserts are quite popular on table saws, and many manufacturers include them with their saws. The idea behind the zero clearance insert is to provide an opening perfectly sized for the blade, providing zero clearance on each side of the cut. Why? This makes the cut much cleaner (in the same way that […]

Today I want to talk a little about a tool that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves in the Festool line – the HL850 planer. Now in all fairness, when I think of Festool I don’t immediately associate them with handheld planers. They are better known for their saws, routers and sanders. Although the […]

Butcher block cutting boards make great woodworking projects at any time of the year, but I always seem to find myself making a lot more of them during the holiday season. The design of this particular board is heavily inspired by the Wood Whisperer’s design, though the final dimensions of this board had to be […]

When I started this blog, one of my main motivations was to identify some of the challenges a person may face getting into woodworking as a hobby, how I’ve overcome some of those challenges, and hopefully to foster some discussion on what others have done too.  Whenever I blog about a particular project, shop upgrade, […]